Don't Let Dirt and Oil Stains Ruin Your Camper's Appearance

Stop by our Blacksburg, SC facility for RV wash services

Did you and your family just get back from a weekend at the lake? Your RV probably has some accumulated road grime. Get your camper squeaky clean by bringing it to Galaxy Express Truck Wash in Blacksburg, SC. Our RV washing services are thorough and quick. We'll use safe, effective cleaning solutions and washing equipment to blast away the dirt from your RV.

Stop by today for trouble-free RV wash services.

Why you should bring your RV to us

Renting washing equipment to clean your RV won't do your camper justice. Save the money and trouble and rely on our RV washing services instead. Our crew will:

  • Remove the grime from overlooked spots
  • Complete the job quickly
  • Hand wash sensitive areas

The next time you need to give your RV a wash, just bring it to us. You'll be glad you did.