We have a 200 ft state of the art wash tunnel that combines automated arches/wheel spinners with hand brushing and pressure washing. This allows us o give a superior wash and at the same time keep your wait time to a minimum. Our spot free rinse prevents soap from streaking after the truck dries. Our new tire shine stations apply the silicone based tire shine at the proper levels so it doesn't spray on the rims and truck when you drive away. If your underbody needs a good cleaning we have a high pressure rinse that comes from under the tunnel so it catches everything. We use safe on polish soaps and have brightener available upon request.

If you travel thru the area on a regular basis we have a loyalty program that will allow to earn points towards free upgrades and discounts. Fleet accounts are available for people that have more than three trucks where you pay one invoice at the end of the month to make it easier for drivers to get in and out.

We understand what it takes to service the trucking industry and have the equipment and people to deliver a quality wash at a reasonable price